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Yellow Grass Patches from Your Dog’s Pee? Here’s How to Solve It.

By March 13, 2017Uncategorized

dog urine killing grassIs your lawn covered in dry, brown or yellow grass patches that make your yard looked speckled and uninviting? It can be discouraging that letting your dog do his – or her — business could potentially lead to ruining your lawn.

Even if you find a great solution to help reduce the amount of burn your dog’s urine causes on your grass, that doesn’t always mean that your grass will be picture perfect in no time…especially if you had a lot of bare or brown patches to begin with.

Our customers love what Dog Rocks does for the health of their lawn. By safely and effectively reducing the amount of nitrogen in your dog’s water, Dog Rocks will prevent your dog from leaving more yellow grass patches on your lawn, but any burnt spots that you had on your grass before you started using Dog Rocks will need a bit of time and care to turn back to lush, green grass.

It’s important to think about your priorities in order to determine what solution is best for you. The approach that you take will require assessing a few different factors:

Firstly, how much time would you reasonably be able to devote to fixing your lawn? Secondly, how much money are you willing to spend on repairing the burn marks? Thirdly, how quickly would you like to see your grass completely green again?

The easiest and cheapest solution is to simply start using Dog Rocks. While they don’t actively work towards fixing your lawn, over time, your lawn will begin to rejuvenate itself. In fact, the urine that once ruined your lawn will, instead, water your grass, because your dog’s urine will no longer have the high nitrate content that caused your lawn to be burned in the first place.

Only using Dog Rocks takes at least a few weeks and, in some cases, months to give your lawn enough time to become green and lush again. Depending on how patchy your grass is, you may also need to reseed large patches where the grass will no longer grow, due to continued urination in one spot.

If you’d like to supplement the positive effect that Dog Rocks has on your lawn to bring it back to its lush green even sooner, here are a few other that you can try:

  1. Reseeding your entire lawn for new, even grass growth. This approach takes both time, energy, and money, but it is one of the most effective ways to revitalize your lawn. Covering your entire yard will ensure that you have even-looking, lush grass, as different species will vary in shade and coverage. Consider using a hearty grass species that will not be so susceptible to dog urine…just in case you forget to reorder your Dog Rocks in time!
  1. Watering your lawn more often. This process is somewhat labour intensive, but it’s the easiest route if you use a sprinkler. Focus on the yellow grass patches to help bring them back to life evenly.

(Just a friendly reminder to be sure to not water your lawn during the heat of the day, so as not to burn your lawn’s roots even more!)

One thing that you want to be careful NOT to do is to add more fertilizer to your lawn. Fertilizer often includes nitrogen, which is what causes the burn matches in the first place when it’s applied in excess. Even though the Dog Rocks will reduce the nitrogen level of your dog’s urine, if you supplement with too much fertilizer, it will counterbalance the Dog Rocks’ effects, and your lawn will continue to be burned.

With a little time and effort—or some patience if you’re only using Dog Rocks—your lawn will be luscious and green before you know it!

All the best as you bring your grass back to life. Feel free to send us photos of the “before” and “after”…we love hearing from our customers!  

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