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World Earth Day: Dog Rocks help repay Mother Nature

By September 19, 2017News

Dog Rocks are a proud supporter of Earth Day, which takes place on 22nd April, and this year they are encouraging their customers to recycle used rocks. Placed in the dog’s water bowl, these natural rocks remove nitrate from the water and stop pet urine burn marks on grass. After 2 months the rocks are replaced, leaving some customers unsure as to what to do with them.

Carina Evans, CEO of Dog Rocks says “There are now over 1 million Dog Rocks users worldwide, and we want to make pet owners aware of how they can responsibly recycle their used Dog Rocks. The great news is that they are 100% natural so the ideas as to what to do with them after use are endless!”

5 ways to re-use your Dog Rocks

  1. Give them back to the earth!

This is the simplest idea, but as they were dug up from the earth, why not give them back!

  1. Fish tanks and ponds

Place used Dog Rocks into fish tanks or ponds, they not only look great and create a fun hiding place for fish, but they will continue to help filter the water too.

  1. Landscaping

Dog Rocks can be placed in flower beds to deter weeds and pests, used to create an attractive border or just in the garden for decorative value!

  1. BBQ’s

Just like volcanic rock, Dog Rocks can be placed on your BBQ to help retain heat and distribute it evenly over a cooking surface.

  1. Ornaments

Dog Rocks can be placed around the house, put into flower pots, paperweights… the possibilities are limitless!

For further information about recycling Dog Rocks or other Earth Day ideas, email hello@dogrocks.com or call us on +44 (0) 1628 822247

Disclaimer: These alternative ways to use Dog Rocks are fun and for those conscious of recycling. We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information, but we cannot accept any responsibility for the content of this email.

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