How to use Dog Rocks®

All you need to know about using your Dog Rocks®

          1. Remove the Dog Rocks® from the bag and rinse

            Dog Rocks® are all natural and straight from the earth, and it is necessary to wash them prior to use. One package is the correct amount for one dog bowl holding up to 2 litres of water (3.5 pints).


          1. Place 2 litres (3.5 PT) of water in your dog’s water bowl

            Keep the bowl filled with water at all times. Just like your dog, the rocks need water to remain effective. Please keep your dog bowl filled with the appropriate amount of water.


        1. Add all the rinsed rocks to your dog’s water bowl

          It is important to let the rocks submerge in the water bowl 10 hours before they will be effective. Leave the rocks in the bowl and replace the rocks every 2 months.

Sit back and enjoy your greener than green lawn…
…you will notice a change in the appearance in 3 – 5 weeks

Hot Weather

In times of hot weather you MAY need to “up” your dosage of Dog Rocks purely because your dog will be drinking more water.  You could put one pack of Dog Rocks in your pet’s water bowl and one pack a jug/pitcher of water and decant from pitcher to water bowl.  Remember you need one pack (200g) of Dog Rocks in every water bowl your dog drinks from.  Try to restrict them drinking on a regular basis from puddles, rivers and streams where you can.  Every dog, household and situation is different but once you have found out what “dosage” suits you and your situation, there is no reason to have burn patches on your grass.  From our tests we have found that Dog Rocks works in 9 out of 10 cases.  We are 100% here to help if you have queries or questions so please be in touch at

dog rocks

dog rocks

dog rocks

Top Tips

  • Replace your Dog Rocks® every 2 months and for best results, refresh the water at night every two to three days, topping up at night in between

  • If your dog removes the rocks from the water bowl, you can place the rocks in a jug (max 2 litres) and fill the water bowl from the jug. Keep the jug topped up at all times

  • If you use a large amount of fertilizer on your lawn, it is best to reduce these quantities as it could reduce the effectiveness of Dog Rocks®

  • In times of extremely sunny weather you may have to “up” the dosage of Dog Rocks®. It is not exact science and every dog is different, but once you have sussed out what works for you, there is no reason for any more burn patches

  • Dog Rocks® may not work as well for a dog or bitch eating a lot of red meat. If you can reduce the red meat content in their diet, you should be able to enjoy a green lawn all year round

  • Dog Rocks® isn’t a miracle cure! It won’t bring dead lawns back to life right away, you may need to re sew and water, but in 9 out of 10 cases it will stop new patches from forming with continual use.

  • We find that Dog Rocks work for about 9 out of 10 households becuase every dog, every situation and every household is different.  Please read all instructions for use and remember you need 1 whole pack or 200g of Dog Rocks in every 2 litres of water.

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