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What Are the Side Effects for Dog Rocks? Do They Work?

By March 13, 2017Uncategorized

At first glance, it can be hard to understand how adding a few rocks to your dog’s water bowl can be a fast, safe solution to those yellow patches on your lawn. It’s no wonder that a common question we hear from our prospective customers is, “Do Dog Rocks really work?” Once people realize that they do, in fact, work, the next concern is whether or not there are any side effects for Dog Rocks, which we also explore below.

Dog Urine Killing GrassIt’s somewhat curious that rocks can make such a difference, but our growing customer base insists that Dog Rocks works so well that they can’t imagine life without them anymore…or that their lawn ever used to be spotted with burn marks in the first place.

But don’t take it from us. We went to a few of our online retailers to see what verified purchasers have to say about the product. Here are some Dog Rocks reviews:

I was skeptical at first when my husband purchased Dog Rocks but now I’m a believer. They really work.” – Amazon purchase

“My husband and I purchased dog rocks at the advice of our landscaping guy. We laid down new, lush sod last year and never had a problem with lawn burn from our dog. The grass looked so great that we figured our dog probably just didn’t have very acidic urine and decided not to buy them this year. However, we’ve been battling dead spots a lot this year and have been humbled. We will be using dog rocks every summer going forward to make sure our lawn is as beautiful as it was when it was first laid down. Highly recommend.” – Amazon purchase

“Can’t believe that something so simple works, and it makes my lawn better. I work for a Veterinary News magazine and called this company about their product.  Skeptical after talking to them I bought their product.  After about 2 weeks, it works amazingly, forgot about burn marks, no more drowning brown spots.” – Jim L. California, Yelp reviewer

I’m the biggest cynic alive, and I did have a little snigger to myself as the first batch of stones went into the bowl. I really didn’t see how a couple of rocks could really make a different – but boy was I wrong! You have to leave your lawn for approx 5 weeks before you see any results, so it’s not a quick fix. I did take a break for a couple of months not long after using them just to see whether the improvements in the lawn were a fluke or as a result of the Rocks. And I was amazed even further. The brown patches which had disappeared leaving our lawn to recover and become green again, started to reappear. We’ve been using them for well over a year now and have had really good results with them.” – Pet Product Reviewer, www.pet365.co.uk

Among first-time users, skepticism is common as it’s hard to believe that a simple rock or two can change your lawn for the better! The trick is patience (it can sometimes take a few weeks to show results) and ensuring that any fresh water has a few hours to let the rocks do their magic before your dog drinks it (filling up the bowl at night just before bedtime helps with this). If you’re still curious how Dog Rocks works, check out our how-to guide or our FAQs section for some answers to common questions.

In addition to working effectively, there are absolutely no side effects for Dog Rocks. This is because they work as an ion filter for your water, so your dog’s water is healthier and cleaner to drink. The only safety concern might be if you have a dog who tries to chew or swallow the rocks, but if that’s the case, it is often a sign of a medical condition that can likely be cleared up by visiting your veterinarian, according to a Doginton Post article.

Join the growing number of customers who agree that Dog Rocks is the safest and most effective way to protect your lawn! You probably won’t believe it until you see it…but it really, truly works, and best of all, there are no known side effects for Dog Rocks, which means they are safe for your dog and other household pets who may steal a drink of water from the dog bowl. While other products may change the pH level of the water, Dog Rocks actually filter the water, so there is no risk to your dog’s health.

We have starter packages for Dog Rocks if you’re still skeptical and want to test it out first, but once you see the results, you can be sure you’ll be back to buy in bulk! You can shop online today or request it from your local pet store (if they don’t already have it in stock).

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