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Learn How Dog Rocks Stop Urine Burn Marks

By January 30, 2017Uncategorized

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Lawn burn marks in your grass are unsightly and make it challenging to maintain a healthy, green lawn.

Especially if you have a large dog or more than one dog, the grass often doesn’t have enough time to grow back. Many dog owners don’t know that a natural solution exists to help stop urine burn marks and feel like they have to sacrifice having nice grass in order to have a dog. 

Dog Rocks is a safe, effective and fully natural option for people who want to restore their lawn while ensuring that the solution doesn’t negatively affect their dogs health. Essentially, when Dog Rocks removes the impurities from your dog’s urine, rather than harming your lawn, your dog’s urine waters your lawn. This means you can stop urine burn marks and getting to enjoy healthier grass than without having a dog in the first place.

The question that we often get asked is: how do Dog Rocks work? How exactly do Dog Rocks stop urine burn marks?

Dog Rocks act as a filtration system for your dog’s water, specifically removing or reducing the impurities that would cause your dog’s urine to leave burn marks on the lawn.

Nitrates are a large factor as to why dog urine typically can burn your grass and leave brown patches on your lawn. Dog Rocks are a natural rock which substantially reduces the amount of nitrates in the water; therefore, reducing how much nitrates go on your lawn. A lawn can only handle so many nitrates before it begins to burn, which is why dog urine in small amounts may not cause burn spots, but larger, concentrated amounts likely will.

Nitrates are often found in lawn fertilizer, but the key is to make sure that it’s not too much. Some products that try to reduce grass burn will try to change the pH or the nitrate level of the dog’s urine with the use of a supplement, but there can be side effects to changing a dog’s pH level, such as developing calcium oxalate stones and urinary tract infections.

Dog Rocks are completely safe for your dog because, unlike other available products on the market:

  • Dog Rocks work without changing the pH level of the urine.The problem with supplements that change the pH level of the urine is that it could reduce the pH level so low that it causes a pH imbalance.
  • Dog Rocks reduces the level of nitrates that get consumed by your dog
  • Extensive testing over a number of years have been conducted to ensure that the product is safe for your dog

When you put Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl, you can be assured that they will work effectively for approximately two months, depending on how many dogs you have in the household and how much water they consume.

Simply place the Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl, and you’re done. Dog Rocks begin working within a matter of hours, and within a few weeks, you can start to see results. With Dog Rocks, prepare yourself to enjoy a lush, green lawn again free of burn marks. Check out our stock online today!

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