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The only 100% natural & convenient solution for pet urine burn marks…


Dog Rocks® will help stop pet urine burn patches ruining your lawn, grass & hedges. One pack of Dog Rocks® in your dog’s water bowl will keep your lawn in tip-top condition for up to 2 months. Dog Rocks® are the only 100% natural & convenient solution proven to have no change to the pH balance of your pet’s urine, it’s as simple as that.

Many pet owners will experience dog urine killing their grass at some point, and those unsightly yellow burn marks on your lawn can become a real problem if you don’t deal with them at the source… your dog! Many products claiming to cure your lawn of burn marks will lower the pH of your dog’s urine, which can cause urinary tract infections when used long term. Dog Rocks® work by removing the nitrates from the water, and do not change the pH of your dog’s pee. They are completely natural with no known side effects.

We find that Dog Rocks work for about 9 out of 10 households because every dog, every situation and every household is different.  Please read all instructions for use and remember you need 1 whole pack or 200g of Dog Rocks in every 2 litres of water.

Dog Rocks USPs

  • Made by mother nature (indigenous rock) – not man made or processed
  • A pack lasts longer than alternative products and is proven to take effect on grass within 3-5 weeks.
  • Easy to use. No need to administer a tablet
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Not harmful on pets – no health warnings
  • Fertilizes your lawn

Pet urine marks

dog urine killing grass

Does your lawn look like this?
Dog Rocks

dog urine killing grass

Do you want a lawn like this?
Dog Rocks

Pet urine marks

Your Dog Can
Save Your Lawn…

Dog Rocks® placed in your dog’s water bowl are the only 100% natural and hassle free solution to urine burn marks on your lawn and shrubs. Safe for all household pets, Dog Rocks® do not change the pH balance of the dog’s drinking water or urine; you are not medicating your dog in any way and there are no known side effects.

First discovered in Australia in the late ’90s, Dog Rocks® were tried and tested for many years and are now used by over a million dog owners worldwide to help stop pet urine from burning their grass.
Pet urine marks


Dog Rocks Reviews

dog urine killing grass

“Dog Rocks are fantastic… what a difference!” Piers – Soham, UK

dog urine killing grass

“I don’t know what I would do without them!” Mrs F. – Ireland

Hello Rusty - Newport

“Dog Rocks are working a treat for my grass, I  would definitely recommend them to our clients.” Fiona – Buckley House Veterinary Surgery

dog urine killing grass

“I can confirm that my lawn is so much better, even in the drought!” Lorna – Oxford

pet urine burn

Amazing! We were dubious but have seen incredible results, and now swear by Dog Rocks! Laura Flowers

pet urine marks

We have used dog rocks for years, an amazing product!! Kath Bell

pet urine burn marks

I love the fact the grass now stays green Jackie Meager

pet urine burn marks

“Bailey said “yes i certainly ROCK!!”” Jackie Laydon

dog urine killing grass

“An apparent and dramatic difference.” Anne – Devon, UK

dog urine killing grass

“My lawn is the best it has looked for years, what an incredible difference… and a happy dog!” Tina – Northampton, UK

dog urine killing grass

“Great stuff! I’ll have the whole street using them soon. I think all dog owners should use Dog Rocks.” Martin – Birmingham, UK

dog urine killing grass

“I’ve used the product for about two months now, a definite improvement – delighted!” Tamara – Reading, UK

dog urine killing grass

“This is a really effective product. The grass is much healthier this year compared to last summer.” CBJ – London, UK

dog urine killing grass

“My lawn was a mess, but after using them for a few weeks my lawn is beginning to look normal again!” Amy – UK

dog urine killing grass

“Lawn is green, pet is healthy, very happy with the product.” VetBetty – Lake District

dog urine killing grass

“Started using the Dog Rocks, new burn patches stopped and the existing ones are now starting to recover.” Kalzey – Bedfordshire

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